Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 24 State Of The Union

Another beautiful day here in central Maine. The temperature finally made it above zero today but not by much. The high for Augusta was 4 degrees. We did have sunny skies and about an inch of snow throughout the day. I am looking forward to the state of the union address tonight to get the President's view on the past year and the one ahead. I am already pretty sure what he will say but I wait with baited breath to hear the Republican response to the address. If the last two responses are any indication it should be hilarious. I can not wait to see if Paul Ryan (r) from Wisconsin talks about his "Road Map For America" tonight. I have no idea what the Tea Party response by Michele Bachman will be but I am guessing it will be very slanderous towards the President and will contain at least one reference to violence. I hope that you are all planning to watch and stay politically active in the following year.

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